Monthly Archives: August 2014

Newberg Splash Pad Mini Session 2014

   On a hot summer day what more could one ask for smiles and water.  In the small town of Newberg Oregon where we live we so need something like this to bring people together.  When we heard that they were building the new Splash Pad we were excited and couldn’t wait to see it.  Gezz could have we had something like this when we were kids?  Much more advanced than just a lawn and sprinkler the new Splash pad […]

Johnson Family

      The Johnson family just added a new addition to their family of now 4! Luc the big brother now has a sister, Lia! We had so much fun taking their photos at their home a week ago. Luc is still adjusting to having a sibling around, and wasn’t to sure about holding her. He did however entertain us playing the piano! Congrats to the Johnson family on their little baby girl!