Ivonne and Thomas , The Abernathy Center


Ivonne and Thomas were married at the beautiful Abernathy Center in Oregon City on a gorgeous late summer evening. We first met the happy couple for coffee and to find out a little about them. They met in college, and Ivonne asked Thomas to be in her “study” group. The two hit it off and Thomas proposed to Ivonne on the 4th of July at Elk Cove Vineyards. A few months later they were happily married. The wedding was a small intimate wedding in the gardens at the Abernathy Center. The ceremony was very emotional and you could hear many “sniffs” from all the guests. The happy couple did a waltz for their first dance and many of the kids followed in their footsteps! Everyone had a great time. Ivonne and Thomas we wish you many years of love and happiness, and thank you for letting us capture your special day!


Cheers! Tiffany and Andrew~


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