Photo Journal

Rehnke Family

We had a fun afternoon taking photos of the Rehnke family.  Sabrina’s husband Kurt works at Willakenzie Estates, a beautiful winery in the valley, so why not have their photo shoot their?! Dexter, their almost 4 yr old son is full of energy and loves Ironman and cheeseburgers! His little sis, Ariana just turned one and loves to crawl and walk everywhere, even down the stairs! Kurt even slipped away for a minutes to get in some photos. Sabrina and […]

Amy and Richard| Engagement shoot| Laurelhurst Park

Amy and Richard are the cutest couple with their two pups Franklin and Teddy! The cute couple are newly engaged and planning to marry next March at Cape Horn in Washington. When Amy contacted us to be her wedding photographers, we were happy to accept the offer. For Amy and Richard’s engagement shoot, we hopped over to Portland’s Laurelhurst park on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Their photos would not be complete without Franklin and Teddy! We can’t wait to see […]

Kim and Kris, Balch Hotel, Dufur OR

Kim and Kris were married on June 13th at the Balch Hotel in Dufur. I have lived in Oregon all my life and never heard of a town called Dufur. It’s a cute little one horse town with a historic hotel in the middle of it. K and K had a beautiful down to earth country wedding. Close to 100 of their friends and family made the trek out to Dufur to be a part of their special day. Complete […]

Newberg Ambush 14U

These girls may look sweet, but they are sure tough out on the field! My daughter plays for the Newberg team, and the girls really wanted some tough looking photos of the team. So we met up at one of there practices and took over the field for this photo shoot. The hard part was trying to get them to stop laughing long enough for some serious poses! They really are sweet girls that love their softball and their team! […]

Alex and Caroline/ Surprise Engagement at PDX Airport

Alex contacted us a few weeks before Thanksgiving about taking photos of his “surprise” engagement to his girlfriend Caroline. They had met at the PDX airport and he wanted to surprise her on Thanksgiving that morning before they flew out to his parents for the holiday. We met Alex a week prior at the airport to check out the scene. He was very very excited! He led Caroline to believe he was nervous about flying with their new puppy for […]

Rachel and Patrick’s Wedding at Eco Trust

On a hotter than usually late September day in downtown P-Town Rachel and Patrick took each others hand for eternity.  Friends and family of close and far came together in the quante urban setting of the Ecotrust building.  The ceremony took place on the upper balcony over looking the Pearl District.  Shortly after the ceremony guest enjoyed a plethora of bourbon tasting the couple’s favorite libation (There Will Be Bourbon).  The celebration continued into the hot night with music spun […]

Branden’s senior photos

This guy, is one busy nonstop guy! Branden Thompson is a senior this year, and we had so much fun doing his senior photos for him. He’s very busy with hunting, golfing, working at the country club, and riding his bike, just to name a few! He loves his blue Nissan pickup…. I think we had just as much fun shooting him on his dirt bike, as he did riding it around. Branden, we hope you have a blast your […]

Ivonne and Thomas , The Abernathy Center

Ivonne and Thomas were married at the beautiful Abernathy Center in Oregon City on a gorgeous late summer evening. We first met the happy couple for coffee and to find out a little about them. They met in college, and Ivonne asked Thomas to be in her “study” group. The two hit it off and Thomas proposed to Ivonne on the 4th of July at Elk Cove Vineyards. A few months later they were happily married. The wedding was a […]

Newberg Splash Pad Mini Session 2014

   On a hot summer day what more could one ask for smiles and water.  In the small town of Newberg Oregon where we live we so need something like this to bring people together.  When we heard that they were building the new Splash Pad we were excited and couldn’t wait to see it.  Gezz could have we had something like this when we were kids?  Much more advanced than just a lawn and sprinkler the new Splash pad […]

Johnson Family

      The Johnson family just added a new addition to their family of now 4! Luc the big brother now has a sister, Lia! We had so much fun taking their photos at their home a week ago. Luc is still adjusting to having a sibling around, and wasn’t to sure about holding her. He did however entertain us playing the piano! Congrats to the Johnson family on their little baby girl!