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The Johnson’s

Every year we love to photograph our friends The Johnson’s. Their kiddos have such awesome personalities that we could photograph them all day long. And Mark and Kara are really awesome parents as well! It’s so fun to see how much they grow every year from our previous shoots! Here are a just a few of the fun photos we took of them this past Fall!  

Kuschnick Family/ Gallon House Bridge

Meggan and Paul and their family are always fun to photograph! Watching their kids interact is pretty entertaining! It had been a few years since their last shoot, and the kids must have grown a few feet, of course mom, dad, and nana all look the same 🙂 The Gallon House bridge in Oregon is one of the coolest spots. We also ventured beneath the bridge for some cool shots along the river. Always a pleasure to hang out with […]

Angie + Andy, Bend OR

This post is looooong over due! Angie and Andy had a gorgeous, classy, fun filled wedding in Bend OR last Oct! All there friends and family from afar flew in to celebrate their wedding day with them. Located at Bend’s Riverhouse, and the local church for the ceremony, Angie and Andy’s wedding day was perfect. Weather in Bend in Oct can be very iffy… from very cold and windy, to rain, and maybe snow… but we lucked out and had […]

Alli’s Senior Photo Shoot

Alli is one tough chic! Besides being completely naturally gorgeous, she is a tough girl! She loves playing soccer and took one for the team when she was hit with the ball resulting in a minor concussion. This girl loves her sports and clothes! We recently met up with her in downtown McMinnville for her senior photo shoot, and she also brought along five outfit changes and shoes too! My kinda girl! Alli is super sweet just like her mom, […]

Myranda and Alan engagement | Colene Clemens

We just love shooting engagement pictures! That spark and energy between two people in love is awesome to capture in photos. Myranda and Alan are newly engaged and they did not let the PNW rain ruin their engagement shoot at all! In fact, they embraced it and played in the rain while we took their photos. These two were up for anything, including kissing a million times over and walking thru the wet vineyards at Colene Clemens. We ended their […]

Johnson Family

We love shooting the Johnson family! They are so much fun and have grown a lot since last year when we did Lia’s newborn photo shoot. Even big brother Luc must be another foot taller! Luc has definitely warmed up to his little sis now! We chased them around the park while they played in the leaves and laughed! I just love how we captured Luc and Lia’s personalities in their photos, they are such a joy! Mark and Kara, […]

Kuschnick Family

Meggan and Paul sure do have some awesome cute kiddos! We ventured out to their farm for a fun family photo shoot including their grandma too. Chloe and Carter both want to be farmers when they grow up, and I can see why! Carter drove us around the farm in the kabota and Chloe showed us her baby plantings that she is taking care of currently. Even their family dog followed us around and joined in a few photos. The […]

Emma/ Fall photo shoot

Miss Emma is to be a scarecrow for Halloween this year! Her mom and I go way back, and we recently met up with Emma to take some Fall photos for her.  I never thought to do a photoshoot with your Halloween costume, but Em’s is to cute to not photograph! She is anything but scary in this scarecrow costume! I just love all the funny expressions she has too, she’s a beautiful, lovable little girl. Em, I know you’ll […]

Rehnke Family

We had a fun afternoon taking photos of the Rehnke family.  Sabrina’s husband Kurt works at Willakenzie Estates, a beautiful winery in the valley, so why not have their photo shoot their?! Dexter, their almost 4 yr old son is full of energy and loves Ironman and cheeseburgers! His little sis, Ariana just turned one and loves to crawl and walk everywhere, even down the stairs! Kurt even slipped away for a minutes to get in some photos. Sabrina and […]