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Alli’s Senior Photo Shoot

Alli is one tough chic! Besides being completely naturally gorgeous, she is a tough girl! She loves playing soccer and took one for the team when she was hit with the ball resulting in a minor concussion. This girl loves her sports and clothes! We recently met up with her in downtown McMinnville for her senior photo shoot, and she also brought along five outfit changes and shoes too! My kinda girl! Alli is super sweet just like her mom, […]

Abby’s sweet 16 photo shoot in PDX

What happens when you get 7 teen girls together with their best friend Abby on her 16th birthday? A lot of loud girls, laughing, and excitement! When Katie told us she was having her daughter’s 16th birthday at the swanky Nines and dinner at Departure we knew this would be one hell of a fun photo shoot! We started off at the Eastbank Esplanade to capture the city skyline, and then headed over to Jamison Square. The textures at this […]

Newberg Ambush 14U

These girls may look sweet, but they are sure tough out on the field! My daughter plays for the Newberg team, and the girls really wanted some tough looking photos of the team. So we met up at one of there practices and took over the field for this photo shoot. The hard part was trying to get them to stop laughing long enough for some serious poses! They really are sweet girls that love their softball and their team! […]